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Made in China to carry out the announcement of plywood of anti-dumping and countervailing investigation

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  Oriental Network October 19th news: according to Taiwan "Central News Agency " reported on October 19th, the United States Department of Commerce to Chinese export products ". " -- the Department local time 18 days to announce, on imports from China of hardwood and decorative plywood, anti-dumping and countervailing investigation " double reverse ".
According to the report, the survey was conducted by the United States of America hardwood plywood fair trade union on 27 September the United States Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission ( ITC ) is presented.
  ITC will be before November 13th, in response to antidumping and countervailing part, make Chinese related product whether the American cause substantial damage to industry at the beginning of. The United States Department of commerce is scheduled in December 21, 2012, first announced anti-subsidy investigation balance tax judgement results, released in March 6th of next year anti-dumping investigation rate initial judging results.
  The United States of America related practitioners claim, Chinese exports to the United States hardwood and decorative plywood should be levied as high as 298.36% to 321.68% of the dumping rate.
  According to the United States Department of Commerce statistics, in 2011 the United States imports from China of hardwood and decorative plywood amount to about $617000000.

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