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Service advantage

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Service advantage
1, in this era of competition, efficiency decides the success or failure of the enterprise, the center directly with the United States PFS omit many intermediate links, unnecessary links, thus greatly improving the authentication efficiency, provide product information, 1-2 days certification, to ensure that customers timely delivery, so you in the fierce competition in the talent showing itself!
2, because of the direct contact with the United States PFS, no additional agency fees, so it can assure you that our price is the lowest in the same industry! In addition, for the convenience of customers, in the agent center CARB certification customers, we provide you with free detection of adhesive and plywood service!
3, the agent center for CARB customers to provide free samples of the label, such as customer needs, can also provide label printing service, fast service, the charges are reasonable, quality assurance!
4, the agent center from 2008 CARB certification services, more than three years of experience. After the Center certified products export, never appear since formaldehyde exceed the standard problem is the customer claims.
5, we have built a modern CARB Certification Laboratories, has advanced detection equipment formaldehyde, professional testing personnel engaged in sheet metal and adhesive testing services, carry out formaldehyde emission certification. And the regular and Linyi commodity inspection departments check test curve to ensure timely to provide you with the latest and most accurate results.
In 6, our company is located in plywood production base in Linyi, in the north and south two intermediate zone, convenient transportation, logistics fast, convenient and quick communication between you and me, you and me.
Our service philosophy is: the lowest price, the fastest, most professional services!
Our service objectives are: to make the certification to improve your company's competitiveness, to achieve a win-win situation!

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