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The United States of Chinese hardwood and decorative plywood products launched a "double reverse" survey

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 18 October, Washington ( reporter Wang Zongkai Yang Jian ) the United States Department of Commerce announces 18 days, on imports from China of hardwood and decorative plywood launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations ( " double reverse " ), this is the year of the United States on Chinese products launched fourth anti-dumping investigations and third countervailing investigation.
  The United States Department of Commerce said, to launch this investigation should be the United States of America hardwood plywood the Fair Trade Federation request. The Federation from North Carolina, New York and Oregon 6 companies. The United States of America investigation may lead to this kind of punitive tariffs. The Federation believes that China exports to the United States, hardwood and decorative plywood dumping margin of 298.36% to 321.68%, more than 2% subsidy amplitude also allowed range.
  The United States Department of commerce data shows, 2011 the United States imports from China of hardwood and decorative plywood worth an estimated $616500000.
According to the program, the United States International Trade Commission is expected to be around in November 13th, make a preliminary for the investigation, if the agency finds that imports from China to the United States of America such products related industry caused substantial damage or threat, the United States Department of Commerce will continue to "double reverse " investigation, and is expected to be in December this year and March respectively make the reverse subsidies and countervailing investigation and preliminary results.
  This year is the United States election year, the Obama Administration for electoral purposes and frequent " beat China", and many times on Chinese products launched a "double reverse " and " 337 investigation", trade protectionism is hotting up. China's Ministry of Commerce said many times, hope that the United States government to oppose trade protectionism commitment, jointly safeguard the free, open, fair international trade environment, a more rational methods to properly handle the trade friction.

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